10 Boas ideias de Decoração para uma casa de banho moderna

10 Boas ideias de Decoração para uma casa de banho moderna

Of all the divisions in our house, the bathroom is one that is less thoughtful and yet is one of the most used, either by us or by friends. It is then important to create a good environment. Here we will show you some modern bathroom ideas.

Who does not like to take a relaxing bath at the end of a day's work, in a bathroom that conveys a sense of calm and tranquility? The decor of a bathroom is undoubtedly the icing on the cake.

1. Metals

Metals are a material that are gaining emphasis on interior decorating and furnishing.

casa de banho com espelhos dourados

We can see this in the simplest details, for example, in the door handles, faucets and handles and even the showers are going in that direction, which gives a sophisticated and elegant touch to the space.

2. Renovated Bathroom

In the decoration of a bathroom, the larger mirrors make the bathroom appear wider and brighter.

The presence of this object is fundamental because there are several daily activities in which we include it, such as when we brush our teeth or make-up, change our contact lenses, trim the beard, among others.

espelhos redondos em casa de banho

The bathroom shelves perfectly match the layout and style of your modern bathroom and we can combine them with the wall, other furniture and accessories and create the ideal bathroom.

prateleiras na decoração de casa de banho

The goal remains and may be better fulfilled. Creating good lighting and stowage in the bathroom is still essential, and the choice of new pieces and objects can give personality to the spaces.

3. Natural Walls

We can also use wood in the decoration of bathrooms. From wooden walls to living walls, the bathrooms can have a natural touch!

The use of wooden furniture, where the simple objects of hygiene were placed together with white tiles in the decoration to give more life to the space.

azulejos nas casa de banho

One idea could be to use vertical gardens to give a more natural air to our bathroom. We can have complete walls of natural materials, such as leaves, branches, live moss. They can use Green Area products that are an excellent solution for a natural, maintenance-free environment.

parede de jardins vericais nas casa de banho
parede musgo casa de banho

4. Ceramic or Azulejos that looks like Madeira

The tile, the porcelain and the ceramics are very present elements in environments of bathrooms.

casas de banho com marmore branco

With longer durability than natural wood, ceramic with wood patterns is so realistic that anyone will think it is a natural wood floor or wall.

azulejo com padrão em madeira

5. Innovative Water Storage Reservoirs

One element that has not undergone major redesign over the years are toilet seats, but it seems that the Geberit brand has been looking into this subject.

casa de banho reservatório inovador

The German brand has been betting on the change of traditional, heavy and non-aesthetic tanks ceramic tanks. Having as a result makes them more elegant and sophisticated, using the ceramic only for a thin upper lid.

These new water stores do not in any way hamper the functionality of the container, it is not necessary to change the existing piping and the reservoir itself has the function of reducing the use of water.

armazenamento de agua geberit

Geberit Monolith Plus stands out for its technology, as a piece of art and design, from the sensor detection function to automatic discharge and integrated odor extraction unit.

With a discreet LED that lights up when the system starts working, providing an orientation without disturbing. The silent fan, in turn, ensures a fresh, odor-free.

LED discreto geberit

6. Bathtubs

Anyone who has enough space to put a bathtub in the center of the bathroom can not miss this opportunity.

Banheira casa de banho

Creating our own SPA at home and putting the bathtub without covering the visibility around it can be a great idea for those who have a spacious bathroom and allows the creation of a magnificent space for relaxation.

casa de banho banheira

7. Use of Space

When the space is small and does not allow us to have a bathtub and a shower at the same time, the most common in these situations is to withdraw the bathtub and choose to create a shower in which there is the greatest comfort possible.

amplo chuveiro

There are numerous extras that we can add and enrich the space and make it equally functional, such as a support, a bench, brackets, various types of shower - ceiling shower, shower shower - among others.​

casa de banho chuveiro espelho

The idea of ​​the simple and broad is being increasingly used and being the first and main choices.

casa de banho azulejo subway

8. Subway Tile

Although time passes, certain old tiles are not forgotten and are still very much in demand. Examples are the tiles used in the old meters and stops of the same.

casa de banho azulejo subway

The use of light tile in the bathroom with the combination of black or darker accents adds a retro look to the space, a trend that is now widely used.

9. Tile Mixing

Still with the intervention of tiles, another form of its use is with the mixture of geometric forms, using tile of the same color but with different engravings and to different sizes.

casa de banho azulejos

The new trend of using tiles is becoming quite popular.

casa de banho azulejos

10. Focus on Technology

We are all accustomed to technology, in fact, we live surrounded by it. We have technology in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, but in the bathroom?

Now there is technology to make the bathroom more complete, safe and clean.

The Sigber 70 Geberit discharge control board seems to float in front of the wall, like a feather. The double discharge starts effortlessly with a soft touch.

Geberit Sigma 70

aparelho para casa de banho

Although there are more, here are ten ideas to make your bathroom as modern as possible.

Start modernizing your bathroom!

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