List of products by brand Cole and Son

Founded in 1875, Cole and Son wallpaper collections represent styles across the centuries and include some of the most historic wallpaper designs in the world. 

Cole & Son presents some of the most important historical wall projects in the world, such as wallpapers made for some historic homes such as Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament.

Its magnificent archive is the source of new projects within its collections, having designs that are carefully selected, adapted and colored by its designers.

Cole & Son makes innovative designs such as their current collections that reflect their long and distinguished history as well as their continued passion for new and exciting wallpapers

Cole and Son Hicks' Grand

Price €148.00

Cole and Son, from the Hicks' Great collection, is a geometric patterned wallpaper with metalized hexagons, this wallpaper is the same as the Hicks' Hexagon collection, one difference is that the wallpaper of Hicks' Grande, the standards are the largest compared to the Hicks' Hexagon collection. Available in six cores: Gold; Green; Blue; White; White and...

Cole and Son Hicks' Hexagon

Price €148.00

Wallpaper Cole and Son from the collection Hicks' Hexagon, is a geometric wallpaper with metallic hexagons pattern, is a classic of the brand Cole and Son. Available in 4 colors: Brown; White; Camel and Green. Width x Height: 0.52 x 10.05 cm Drawing Repetition: 0.10 cm

Cole and Son Orchid

Price €148.00

Cole and Son presents the collection Orchid, a wallpaper with floral pattern, ideal for those who love flowers mainly orchids. Available in 5 colors: Red; Lilac; Bronze; Yellow and Beige. Width x Height- 0.53 x 10.05 cm Repetition of the drawing- 0.76 cm

Cole and Son Rajapur

Price €148.00

Wallpaper of Cole and Son, from the Rajapur collection. It is a classic wallpaper with floral pattern. Available in six different colors: White; Beige; Lilac; Light blue; Blue and Gray. Width x Height: 0.53 x 10.05 cm Repeat drawing: 0.76 cm

Cole and Son Palm Jungle

Price €165.00

Wallpaper of Cole and Son from the Palm Jungle collection. It is a floral wallpaper, available in the following colors: Ivory; Emerald; Moss green; Metallic; Blue; Light blue; Silver. Width x Height- 0.52 cm x 10.05 cm Repetition of the drawing- 0.64 cm