List of products by brand Foscarini

Founded in the early 80's in Venice by designers Carlo Ubinati and Alessandro Vechiatto, Foscarini is one of the most renowned Italian brands of lighting due to the excellence, quality and innovation of its collections.

Currently, MOYO represents Foscarini in Portugal

From the beginning, this brand has been developing creative products in the area of lighting and collaborated with renowned design names in all its collections.

The collections of Foscarini always have a great personality and each model of its collections has a unique and contemporary design, which led the brand to receive important awards in the area of design.

The constant effort in differentiation, through research, development and innovation, make Foscarini's collections unique and great classics in lighting design.

The success of the brand has been extended to everyone and at the moment Foscarini has stores on every continent.

Foscarini Twiggy Floor Lamp

Price €1,303.00

Timeless design with a hint of extravagance, the Twiggy is elegant and is able to blend perfectly into any style. This floor lamp is height adjustable, and offers total flexibility. The diffuser can be positioned at various heights and inclinations from minimum, which is ideal for smaller rooms, to maximum, which is more appropriate for larger areas. The...

Floor lamp Foscarini Orbital

Price €1,063.00

Foscarini Orbital is a true eye-catcher, with its unique design that breaks all ranks. Composed of 5 satin glass disks of different shapes, connected to a gray lacquered metallic structure, this floor lamp is characterized by individuality. It is ideal to leave any space more modern and beautiful.

Pendant lamp Foscarini Plena

Price €967.00

Foscarini Plena takes the name of the full moon, the shape of a light that makes people fall in love. Large in size, but light and dynamic, the Plena provides dual illumination: reflected on the surface below and spreading toward the ceiling. An intriguing light, of special charm, to completely permeate a room, remaining soft and enveloping.

Ceiling lamp Foscarini big bang

Price €801.00

The lights of the Foscarini Big Bang, appear as a miniature of a powerful big bang. Irregular and overlapping panels, made of high quality synthetic material, seemingly at random, reflect the rays of an internal light source and thus create a distribution light switch. The Foscarini Big Bang creates new and exciting compositions of light and darkness,...

Ceiling lamp Foscarini Le Soleil

Price €661.00

The Le Soleil hanging lamp was created by Vicente Garcia Jiménez for Foscarini and his first impression resembles the contours of the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Its large volume is illuminated and reduced by its asymmetric bands, functioning as a leading role in the diffusion of the light beam.

Suspension lamp Diesel & Foscarini Rock

Price €547.00

Diesel & Foscarini Rock is like a volcanic rock that, when it breaks, reveals an inner gem. Mysterious and severe on the outside, brilliant as a diamond inside. They reflect the rays of light on the inner surface of the crystal, producing an amazing effect. A suspended version of the light in the space below, highlighting it.

Hanging lamp Foscarini Caboche

Price €513.00

The pendant light Caboche appeared from Patrícia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto looks and it came a bright pearls bracelet. It’s conceived from Polymethylmethacrylate, blown glass, chromed metal and aluminium, and presents a majestic design and the materials that it’s made make this lamp a luxury piece. Caboche from Foscarini issues a clear, neutral light in...

Foscarini Lumiere Table Lamp

Price €403.00

The ingeniously simple Foscarini Lumiere table lamp features a timeless look that makes this lamp a bright idea for any space, either your home or your office. The lamp is made of mouth-blown crystal glass, and the base can be made by aluminum or chrome black. The top of the light is over a aluminum support, that gives to the Lumiere a special touch,...

Wall lamp Foscarini Circus

Price €323.00

Foscarini Circus is made of blown satin glass and metal, can be used as a wall or ceiling light. This style means that the light shines evenly and beautifully through the circular diffuser. Its circular shape blends harmoniously into any room. For more information contact us

Foscarini Blob S

Price €223.00

Soft and familiar, the Blob S Foscarini lamp provides a strong luminous appeal and an irregular profile that resembles a natural shape. Exploring the expressive qualities of plastic materials. Available as a wall lamp and a ceiling lamp, it can be used alone or in various compositions to achieve enchanting lighting scenes.