List of products by brand Luminart

Luminart specializes in decorative lighting with its wonderful light cotton balls.

These lights give a soft and warm light and thus create a simply fantastic environment.

One of the best aspects of these lights is the total possibility of customizing them - you can choose from more than 50 colors and various sizes to design the perfect lighting.

It's a phenomenal way to create an interesting interior arrangement and also complete freedom to make changes in your space.

Luminart Cotton Balls Lights Wreaths

Price €20.00

With wreaths of Luminart lights, yourself, in a simple way, can transform any division. Warm and soft light encased in colorful cotton balls will gently decorate your home: window, wardrobe, commode, table or your kids room. Will give a magical mood to every place, wherever you will want to put them. Let yourself be charmed by the delightful colors and...