List of products by brand Marset

Begun in 1940 as a family business dedicated to casting metals, Marset has always applied the knowledge acquired from decades of experience to become a solid market presence with a global calling.

Marset is about more than lamps: they take care of light, in its different nuances and effects, to create atmospheres with character and improve their clients quality of life. They dedicate all efforts to creating first-class designs and helping ensure the flawless completion of each product.

They seek to produce innovative, clever fixtures, kindling our audience’s senses while taking them on a journey. Marset’s lamps are refined and contemporary. Through technical precision and creativity they aim to discover new functions and applications for our time-honored fixtures. This constant quest for new directions, combined with their curiosity and foresight into the shape of things to come, has driven the ethos and design behind the collectionss. The main characteristics of this collection are its authentic feel, meaningful simplicity and decorative yet restrained visual approach.

In recent years, Marset has received the  DME Award 2014-2015, the Premio Nacional de Diseño 2015, and has been recognized with a  Red Dot Award  2016 for the FollowMe lamp

Marset Follow Me Table Lamp

Price €174.70

The FollowMe lamp collection broke the line of string lights with a new path in lighting. The FollowMe Lamp is portable and rechargeable portable light for all places you want. FollowME is a table lamp with an oak handle that makes it easy to move around. Being autonomous, it is ideal for indoor and outdoor environments, both for home and business...

Marset Bicoca Floor Lamp

Price €183.30

The Marset Bicoca lamp was born with the optimism that the brand wants to make the lives of its customers happy and accompany it in good times, wherever it is. This stand-alone light is non-wired, rechargeable, low-power, lightweight and portable, which projects a soft and intimate light making any space more pleasant. Based on a superposition of basic...

Marset Santorini Pendent Lamp

Price €243.00

The Marset Santorini suspended lamp is inspired by the old lanterns found on fishing boats. This collection of lamps allows you to create multiple combinations, being multifunctional. Combines with home and business environments. The Santorini collection can be hung on the ceiling, individually or grouped together, or can be tied up like a garland....

Marset Scantling Wall Lights

Price €394.80

Scantling is a term derived from an ancient unit of measure used to define the size at which a piece of wood or stone is measured or cut. The Scantling wall lamp is a combination of basic geometric shapes with wood and metal ensemble that provide this range of Scantling wall lamps with a homely appearance and yet a definite personality. The combination...

Marset Hazy Day Pendent Lamp

Price €431.70

Marset's Hazy day suspended lamp is the result of a delicate study of light inspired by the daytime hours when the sun has not yet appeared and the light from the sky is filtered through the mist. The frosted glass ball fades into a sandy, matte white with a finish on the underside of the lamp where the blowing technique was used on the glass to form a...

Marset Maranga Floor Lamp

Price €693.70

The Maranga floor lamp is inspired by the Scandinavian style. The essence of its shape and its rational style create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The shade is made up of 32 slice-shaped pieces that fit together to allow cracks between them so that the light passes in soft tones and thus avoiding glare. The lower part of the lamp is open equipped...