List of products by brand Po

Edward de Bono, an advocate of lateral thinking, introduced this new concept called "PO". He encourage the company to break the routine and evolve their ideas into new avenues

Thus, they inherited his beliefs and created a world of home goods that combine creativity and functionality.Cooperated with different designers around the world, PO:'s concept lies in every new product with creative, artistic and functional features on the basis of the “Po” concept and the innovation it represents. For every design you see, there is a whole array of unseen possibilities behind it.

Since the establishment of the brand in 1999, PO: products have been distributed to over 20 countries worldwide, including the China, UK, USA, Germany, Italy, Russia and Austrialia, etc.

Tea Infusers PO Earphone

Price €13.00

The Earphone tea infuser and strainer by PO: Selected is a kitchen tool full of humorous design that doesn’t lack of practicality. It is perfect for brewing a single cup of tea. Simply fill the “earphone” with tea leaves and hook it to the side of your tea cup - no need to remove them before enjoying your brew. A neat design that is bound to be a talking...