List of products by brand Qualy

Qualy believe that quality products start with the creative thinking process via design, material selection and the manufacturing process.

Every detail is important to ensure that the products meet the high quality standards and this is recognised by customers all around the world

The creative design makes all Qualy products original and unique. Qualy has to date several patents under its name, and has won several product design and innovation awards and international accolades.

Their products have society, environment and sustainability in mind.

The products are designed to fulfil your satisfaction, both functional and decorative aspects to suit your lifestyle and to share your special moments.

Qualy TeaShirt Tea Infuser

Price €13.00

The infuser is placed in a cup or pot of hot or boiling water, allowing the tea to brew without loose tea leaves spilling into the pot or cup. A rod or chain is commonly attached to the container of the infuser to simplify retrieval from the pot or cup.  For best taste, must only fill up half the infuser, allowing the tea leaves to expand.