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Wallpaper with stripes

Striped Wallpaper

Striped wallpapers can be part of the wall decor of any room. Whether they are vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, diagonal stripes, printed or smooth, thin or thick, colored or soft, they create incredible visual effects, leaving the space ample, stunning and modern decoration!

Vertical striped wallpaper templates give the impression of a higher, narrower environment. The smaller the stripes, the higher the impression of height.

Horizontal striped wallpaper models, on the other hand, have the reverse effect, leaving a lower and wider environment. The larger the stripes the wider it will look.

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Coordonné Room Seven Long Beach

Price €56.00

Long Beach from Room Seven is a versatile striped wallpaper design that can be hung vertically or for the more creative, horizontally.  An interesting wallpaper with a subtle combination of colors. - Washable, Peelable and Good Light Fastness. - Size of roll: 0,53 x 10,05mts - Repeat pattern: 53 cm