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Let's play the game of chairs!

Chairs with design, elegance and style. This is what you will find in the author's pieces of the most renowned designers in the world. A chair should have aesthetics, but above all it should contain functionality, ergonomics and comfort.

See here the various models, whether for living room, kitchen or office, the wide range of brands that we have at your disposal. We have chairs in the most diverse materials, such as: polypropylene, acrylic, aluminum, wood and fabric upholstery and in diverse styles: armchairs, chairs and stools.

Pedrali Snow Junior Chair

Price €67.00

Fun form, adaptability to outdoor and indoor environments and the ability to stack characterize the version designed for the world of children, without losing its strength in an unmistakable way. Fiberglass-loaded, injection-molded polypropylene chair using gas air molding technology that makes it solid yet lightweight. For more information contact...

Pedrali Enjoy chair

Price €103.00

Compact, lightweight and easy to carry, this universal folding chair can be combined with any table in any space. Once folded, Enjoy occupies only 95 mm. Made of polypropylene, linear in shape, attractive colors, UV resistant and suitable for outdoor use. Strong for everyday use, not just suitable for unexpected assumptions. For more information...

Pedrali Elinor chair

Price €1,609.00

The Elinor executive chair incorporates the different attitudes and approaches of office life. Comfort and body-hugging feel, thanks to the injected polyurethane foam seat and back, are its strengths. A weight-activated synchronized tilt mechanism integrated into the upholstered seat allows the tilt to be self-adjusting to the user's body weight, ensuring...