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Table Lamps

There are several types of table lamps that we can choose for the decoration of the house.
Here you will find various decorating ideas with models of modern table lamps. Do not forget that lamps are one of the most important objects of decoration, and they help give a different appearance to the spaces of your house.
Our table lamps are available in a wide range of styles to provide more color, texture and light to your room, room, and more!

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Artemide Castore Tavolo Table Lamp

Price €155.00

Artemide Castore Tavolo table lamp with zamac structure, thermoplastic resin base and blown glass diffuser. The spherical diffuser is reinforced by a luminous removable rod that transitions light from the diffuser to the blown glass lamp area. The dimmer at the base of the lamp serves to regulate the light intensity transmitted by the lamp.

Artemide La Petite Table Lamp

Price €171.00

La Petite table lamp is designed in aluminum and technopolymer. This Artemide table lamp has a very own and modern design. Its lampshade is integrated in balance with a slanted rod maintaining its own simple look, easily transmits a soft and pleasant light and is perfect for any space in your home.

Marset Follow Me Table Lamp

Price €174.70

The FollowMe lamp collection broke the line of string lights with a new path in lighting. The FollowMe Lamp is portable and rechargeable portable light for all places you want. FollowME is a table lamp with an oak handle that makes it easy to move around. Being autonomous, it is ideal for indoor and outdoor environments, both for home and business...

Faro Mine Table Lamp

Price €177.00

The Faro Mine table lamp is characterized by its iconic shapes, with a wooden structure and a glass diffuser. Thanks to the quality of its materials and the light transmitted by the diffuser, this lamp provides an exceptional comfort to your home, giving you a warm and harmonious atmosphere. It is available in two different colors.

Table lamp Flos Bellhop

Price €185.00

Flos Bellhop is a rechargeable table lighting lamp. 24 hour autonomy, charges via Micro USB cable. Switch positioned on base allows 4-step dimmer function. Battery status indicator located under the base. Bulb included: 2.5W LED, 250lm Autonomy battery for 6 / 24H use. Micro USB kit. Measures Ø12.5 x H21 cm

Mini table lamp Flos kelvin Led

Price €207.00

The Flos KELVIN is a table lamp is the "mini" version of the legendary Kelvin led table lamp, the excellence of LED technology integrated into the top of the traditional model has shifted into a compact and simple body. 30 led lights combine with chemically etched lighting contrasts for a special or excessive comfortable, soft and warm flashing free...

Pedrali L001TA Table Lamp

Price €220.00

The right lamp for any place and situation! The L001TA lamp is a table lamp, which enriches your home because it is elegant and has a contemporary design that matches any décor. It is available in two colors. * This version is available in more colors, for more information please contact us.

Pedrali Giravolta Lamp 1799

Price €222.00

The Pedrali Giravolta 1799 lamp is a long-lasting, innovative, fun-to-design Wireless table lamp inspired by antique lanterns from bygone days and can be taken anywhere, can serve as a nightlight. Pedrali Giravolta 1799 is available in many colors and sizes. This table lamp consists of two polyethylene discs, a base and a 360-degree rotating LED...

Muuto Cosy in Grey Table Lamp

Price €225.00

The Cozy in Gray table lamp is an exclusive creation for the Muuto brand, with a touch of elegance and warmth to any room in your home. The basic idea for the Cozy in Gray table lamp was to design a piece that created a warm, simple and unique atmosphere through the natural material of the glass, its beauty and its reflections.

Table Lamp Muuto Leaf

Price €245.00

The Muuto Leaf Table Lamp successfully combines a sleek, lightweight design and energy-efficient LED technology. This table lamp is inspired by the leaves of the trees and is ideal for any environment, whether at home, office or even a commercial establishment.

Table lamp Flos Tatou

Price €277.00

Flos Tatou table lamp The light shell shade protects direct light into the eyes and produces a harmonious play of light and shadow across the perforated sections. It is a decorative item and a practical lighting product. Diffused clear table lamp Flos Tatou. Support and base in painted steel.

Table lamp Flos Kelvin Edge Led Basis

Price €340.00

The FLos Kelvin Edge Basis with a simple and functional design is the perfect desk lamp, combining innovation and low energy consumption. The excellence of LED technology integrated into the upper part of the traditional model has shifted into a compact and simple body. 30 led lights combine with chemically etched lighting contrasts for a special or...

Tom Rossau ST906 Table Lamp

Price €396.00

The elegant designer lamps by Danish designer Tom Rossau wood veneer are icons of Nordic design. His passion is to play with the material timber and be pleasantly surprised by its unconventional behavior. The table light ST906 is one of the best-seller and a very popular light where it creates an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Due to the soft-shape, it is...

Foscarini Lumiere Table Lamp

Price €403.00

The ingeniously simple Foscarini Lumiere table lamp features a timeless look that makes this lamp a bright idea for any space, either your home or your office. The lamp is made of mouth-blown crystal glass, and the base can be made by aluminum or chrome black. The top of the light is over a aluminum support, that gives to the Lumiere a special touch,...

Table lamp Flos IC T1 Low

Price €420.00

The design takes the form of a perfectly balanced sphere on the edge of a rod and exploits this throughout the lighting series. Flos IC T1 Low Table Lamp Juxtaposing the perfectly spherical silhouette of your bulb against the sharp, angular lines of your balanced arms. Bulb not included: 1 x 60W E14 Measures High - Base 32.1 x 16 cm / Diffuser...

Table lamp Flos IC T1 High

Price €420.00

The IC Collection developed by Designer Michael Anastassiades is sleek and versatile, we can easily adapt to any style. Available in three colors: silver, gold and black. Bulb not included: 1 x 60W E14 Measures High-Base 32.1 x 16 cm/Diffuser Ø22 cm/Height 53 cm Low-Base 17.6 x 17.6 cm/Diffuser Ø22 cm/Height 38.1 cm

Table lamp Flos IC T2

Price €517.00

The Flos IC T2 consists of a thin brass frame and a hand blown glass opal diffuser. Italian designer manufacturer Flos's table light is surrounded by an extravagant aura that results from the combination of bright angles and soft curves. Bulb not included: 1 x 205W E27 Measures Base 28.2 x 28.2 cm / Diffuser Ø30 cm / Height 35 cm

Tom Rossau TR17 Table Lamp

Price €595.00

The elegant wooden leaf lamps designed by Danish designer Tom Rossau are icons of the Nordic design. His passion is to play with wood and materials in order to surprise and differentiate from conventional behavior. The TR17 table lamp is very popular for creating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. Due to the smooth shape, the curves of birch wood sheet...

Flos Taccia table lamp small

Price €833.00

The Flos Taccia small, a smaller model from Taccia, is a table lamp that gives the illusion of a lamp hanging upside down. It has a painted aluminum reflector, glossy white on the inside and matte white on the outside. The diffuser is clear blown glass and can change direction. The body is available in matt black or naturally anodized extruded aluminum....

Flos Taccia table lamp

Price €2,007.00

Tacos of the Flos brand, which gives the illusion of a hanging upside down lamp, has a spun concave aluminum reflector with a matte white finish. Its light can be adjusted by positioning the blown glass diffuser as needed. The base of this designer table lamp is made of extruded aluminum The Taccia emits reflected light. This iconic contemporary...